A Few Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Scarborough’s “The Weeknd”

Currently speaking, this talented R&B star currently known as “The Weeknd” or Abel Mekonnen Tesfaye has been blowing up North America with his hit singles such as “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face”. These singles have even launched him amongst the very best in worldwide music charts. However, despite all of the fame and fortune many don’t know that he is homegrown from right here in Scarborough, Ontario. As the stage is set for him to wow more audiences, we thought we would share a couple fun facts that you didn’t know about this Canadian Icon.  


The Reason For The Hair?


Tesfaye has been known for his crazy hairstyle amongst all of his fans, except very few people actually know the reason he grows it this way. He states that even though his crazy hairstyle gives him pain when sleeping he has no immediate plans to get rid of it. He claims that his hair is what gives him his identity. The style which has been describ

Photo from http://www.ethiogrio.com/keywords/abel-tesfaye
Photo from http://www.ethiogrio.com/keywords/abel-tesfaye

ed as “double mullet” “rooster’s comb” “a tsunami of hair” was first inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat and this entire time he has kept it going using nothing but occasional hard shampoo. He states that although it draws unnecessary attention, he has adopted it into his identity and therefore intends on leaving it.


He Lived In a Haunted House.


After his release of his album “Kissland” Tesfaye was looking for a change of scenery. He settled on a place in L.A which he insists is haunted. He has been quoted saying “”I’ve had sleep paralysis. I hear voices sometimes. I heard the Hills are over Indian burial ground. But maybe it’s just the wind.” Either way after soon abandoning his house he has never returned to it and whenever he is in L.A, he would much rather choose a hotel.


He Still Keeps In Touch With Drake.


It has been well known by many that Drake gave Tesfaye a big start when he started posting Tesfaye’s tracks to his own fans, but few know that these two still hold quite a relationship. Tesfaye has been quoted saying “It’s a Toronto thing” and then goes on to state as well that he has nothing but gratitude for Drake. This is all true despite many hit songs that Tesfaye’s songwriters have brought forth, ended up on Drake’s album. He states, “I gave up almost half of my album, It’s hard. I will always be thankful—if it wasn’t for the light he shined on me, who knows where I’d be. And everything happens for a reason.”


Whatever it is about him, his hair or his celebrity friends, he has become one of the largest R&B acts the world has ever seen, once again showing all Canadians in the music business that anything is possible.


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The New guys

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Neighborhood artist Gary Conlon is trying to fracture the Canadian songs scene with his 2 item – Honey Beard.

Honey Beard is a Canadian digital pop band from Toronto that are presently riding high from the launch of their new solitary Humming Bird.

In addition to the solitary launch they have actually uploaded up an attractive brand-new video that happens in the icy snow stuffed Canadian wild of North Ontario. The co-creator of this brand-new songs endeavor is Dundalk artist called Gary J. Conlon that arrived to Toronto back in 2011.

Given that showing up in Canada Gary right away started dealing with his brand-new job with Montreal indigenous Tom Bell, transitioning from typical guitar based songs to digital midi-driven tracks with a solid pop aspect.

Together with their brand-new solitary and also video clip, the band have actually likewise authorized an around the world circulation manage a little UK based tag for their 5 tune EP “Thousand Million Traits” which the band launched last summer season as well as will certainly be dispersed via Sony’s Orchard system.

Gary has actually remained in the neighborhood scene given that 1996 having fun in bands such as Empty,

Outspan and also Artificial Trip as well as has actually attributed this sensation as an important factor to his successes abroad.

Honey Beard will certainly be playing their initial Irish programs this summertime with a June Second show in Whelans as well as a June 5th show in the Spirit Shop sustaining Pork Sandwich.

The band will certainly additionally be standing out right into Dundalk FM on Friday 3rd for a meeting with the First Cut.

The brand-new vid can be viewed on their YouTube network www.youtube.com/honeybeardband for all thangs honey beard look into their internet site www.honeybeardband.com

These guys are great and i highly recommend their music. I have seen them 4 times and can attest their style and passion for their craft is simply amazing!

Sum 41

The Amazing Return of Sum 41


There is nothing that we love more than awesome Canadian music, and Sum 41 was a burst of creative energy from Ontario from the second they began. Originally blending a Beastie Boys type of rap with catchy late 90’s/early 00’s pop-punk, they got people on their feet and going crazy with early hits like “Fat Lip”. Bringing their own unique flavor to the pop, punk, and rock scene, the band continued to rise in success and mature in their sound over the next few years. Their 2004 release, Chuck, showed that they had the ability to dive in deeper lyrically than just partying and angst.

After touring for their release, Screaming Bloody Murder, the band took a break from touring to record again in 2012-13. However, in May of 2014, founding member Deryck Whibley posted on his personal site that he had liver and kidney failure. This was due to the excessive drinking that he had participated in for years on tour. He also announced that he had some cool ideas for new songs and wanted to make a new Sum 41 album.

Well, later in 2014, Deryck started working on new music in his home studio and began really diving into the new album. In early 2015, around March, the band’s Facebook page posted a snippet of a song that had never been heard before, and the buzz got even more intense. Everyone was ready to see what the new Sum 41, with a clean and sober Whibley, could do.

After a successful PledgeMusic campaign to record the comeback record, Sum 41 returned to the stage at the Alternative Press Awards in July of 2015. The stage was set for one of those amazing comebacks that young fans of Sum 41 that were now in their late 20’s to early 40’s could only dream of at one point.

Well, the wait is over, on June 1, 2016, the band released the new song, “Fake My Own Death”, through Hopeless Records. They put it out on YouTube with a full music video, and the wait was officially over. So, what was the return of Sum 41 going to be? Was it going to be the monumental comeback that everyone hoped, similar to the way that bands like Descendents seem to keep coming back better than ever? Or was it going to be a mediocre money grab followed by a greatest hits tour?

Well, you absolutely have to check it out for yourself, but yours truly loves it! It has all of the energy of early Sum 41 with the lyrical chops of the Chuck era of the band. It definitely seems to come from the dark experiences that Whibley had from years of substance abuse, addiction and then serious health problems. However, the song is catchy and melodic, while being aggressive enough to start a mosh pit at their upcoming shows.

Go check it out for yourself on YouTube and see how you feel about the band’s return!

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Canada’s Best

 Canada’s Musical History


Although Canadian music has been heavily affected by American society, Canada’s musical heritage is as considerable as well as unique as the nation itself. From the earliest known Aboriginal communities with their chanting as well as very own unique music instruments and customs, to British and also French impacts from very first inhabitants dating as far back as the very early 1600s; from church as well as chamber halls to executing arts facilities, this large nation has actually produced and exported several of the world’s most successful musical ability, including Paul Anka, Neil Youthful, Celine Dion, Nickleback, Alanis Morrisette and also Justin Bieber.

Canada’s very first radio terminals emerged during the 1920s, allowing Canadian songwriters to put forth some of one of the most widely known popular music of the very early 20th century. By 1923, there were 34 radio stations in Canada. After the Great Depression, Canadian songs was more powerful compared to ever before and also nearly equal to American popular, or “pop,” music, enjoying success in your home and abroad.

And also as radio expanded much more popular, so did the jazz genre, which became symbolic of all points modern-day, sophisticated and also decadent. From this age arised Montreal’s jazz virtuoso Oscar Peterson, widely considered one of the best pianists in history. And also Contralto vocalist Portia White, a Canadian female of African descent, has actually been declared “A person of national historic relevance” by the Canadian federal government.

Paul Anka, Canada’s very first rock n’ roll teen idol, hit it big in 1958. He quickly left for New york city City where he auditioned for ABC, doing his trademark track, Diana, making him an immediate international celebrity, striking No. 1 on the U.S. Signboard charts.

From the 1960s to the 1990s most Canadian artists had to seek long-lasting professions in the USA. Two of the most influential singer-songwriters from that duration are Winnipeg’s Neil Youthful as well as Leonard Cohen.

The Canadian government eventually passed content regulation to support Canadian artists. Starting in January 1971, AM radio stations were required to devote 30 percent of their music choices to Canadian content. It was a questionable relocation, but one that helped highlight Canada’s songs society as well as develop a “pop star” sector of its own. And also in the 1980s and also 1990s, the blowing up youth society aided transform the face of Canada’s songs market.

New effects and advancements such as Canadian hip hop concerned the foreground as music videos became an essential marketing device for Canadian artists, with the intro of MuchMusic in 1984 and also its French sister, MusiquePlus, in 1986.

At the end of the 20th century, Canadian ladies also delighted in better international commercial success than before, most especially, French-Canadian vocalist Celine Dion, who came to be Canada’s very popular songs musician, as well as in 2004, received an award for exceeding 175 million in worldwide cd sales.

By the end of the 20th century, the Canadian Radio-television and also Telecom Commission (CTRC) needed radio terminals were to play 35 per cent Canadian content. Quickly, Canadian pop artists began to control the airwaves in a manner they never had before.

The recent digital change at the turn of the centuries likewise brought a huge boost for Canadian songs. The introduction of the Net has actually given artists a new medium to disperse their work. YouTube led the way for the appearance of brand-new effective Canadian artists such as pop celebrity Justin Bieber, who was uncovered via a series of video published by his mom.

Nonetheless, Canada’s mainstream songs industry has actually suffered as a result of on the internet songs sharing and the boom of independent songs, with sales considerably declining. It is approximated that the drop in yearly sales between 1999– the year that Napster’s unapproved peer-to-peer documents sharing solution launched-and the end of 2004 was $465 million. In 2010, Canada presented brand-new copyright regulations makings hacking electronic locks prohibited, however makes it lawful for customers to record and also duplicate music from a CD to mobile tools.

Canadian-born and also internationally-renowned super stars such as Justin Bieber, Drake and esteemed songs teams such as Game Fire proceed to dominate the international music industry, attracting attention to Canada as a cultural birthplace of musical skill from all genres.